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About Dominic Parr

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About:    Dominic Parr is a recent graduate from Aberystwyth University where he attained a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and a Master's degree in Advanced Computer Science.

Dominic considers his biggest achievement to be the very work he is doing for European Arc Guide as this lets him pursue his desire for continued professional development, both as a software engineer and branching into the fields of electrical engineering. Within the calculators he is most proud of the "Time Current Curve Tool" as this is one of the few calculators to implement calculations spearheaded by himself, specifically the ability to lookup specific input times or amperes to find the corresponding value.
In the future Dominic plans on studying his PhD to attain the title "Doctor" as, in his words, "The name Dr. Parr sounds too nefarious to pass up".

Position:    Co-founder, Director.

Role:    Within the company Dominic's role is the maintenance and continued development of the site website as well as site resources, this covers a wide array of fields including the databases, web servers, front-end and back-end development, email servers, etc... Dominic also assists in the creation of calculators where his expertise allows.