Risk Assessment Form Guide

What is it?

The risk assessment form provides the user of this guide the means to document a dynamic risk assessment against the 4P methodology.

Why would you use it?

Risk assessment is the bedrock of this guide in managing the arc flash hazard. Chapter 3: Risk Assessment and the 4P Guide explains the 4P methodology and how a hierarchy of risk control measures can be applied to work safely on electrical equipment. The risk assessment form will allow the user to systematically go through the 4P steps and consider the actions one by one.

Where would you use it?

The form can be used wherever workers are to be put to work on previously energised or energised equipment to consider factors that need to be addressed in order to set up a safe system of work.

How do you use it?

You can either complete the form online or download a word document which can be custom edited for your needs. To download the form template simply click on here (currently a PDF, will be changed to a word document at a later date).

The preferred option will be to complete the form online as the predict section can be auto filled from the following calculators: The Incident Energy calculator, the Circuit Breaker calculator, or the DC Incident Energy calculator. The following demonstrates how this can be carried out.

As can be seen from the following screenshot, when the risk assessment option is chosen, the predict section provides check boxes for each of the above options or alternatively, there is a free to edit field provided. If one of the calculators is chosen, then the predict section can be auto filled from that calculation or alternatively, the user can complete all the fields manually. Another alternative is to use the “Other Information” field to provide predicted information from another source.

Once the predict section has been completed, the prevent and process sections can be completed by clicking the drop-down check boxes. In each case, there is a choice of Yes, No or NA (Not Applicable) with a free entry field to document additional precautions. The protect section can be completed at the end which will document any protective equipment that has been chosen.

The form can be downloaded or printed by selecting the action button at the bottom.