European Arc Guide Data Privacy Policy

1. Changes to the Privacy Policy
European Arc Guide may modify its Data Privacy Policy as needed. This Data Privacy Policy was last updated on 26th September, 2021.

European Arc Guide reserves the right to modify this Data Privacy Policy as required; this could be, for example but not limited to, to comply with new laws/regulations.

In the event of European Arc Guide modifying its Data Privacy Policy, the date of the modification will be added to the above title, users are expected to regularly check this at their own discretion.

2. Why do we have this Data Privacy Policy?

As in our motto, European Arc Guide wishes to provide a simplistic, easy, and accessible experience; as such we want to thoroughly explain the kind of data we collect, what we do with it, and how we protect it.

We use your personal information for providing and improve our site, we may also use your personal information to contact you with updates.

3. What is the scope of the Data Privacy Policy?

This data privacy policy applies to European Arc Guide as well as any subsidiaries thereof.

European Arc Guide is a company based in the United Kingdom that provides risk assessment tools.

4. When and why do we collect Personal Information?

Within European Arc Guide there are only a few instances where we collect personal information; the first is upon account creation where we collect the users' forename, surname, email address, and password for their account. This information is used to identify the user (example instances; customer support contact, account recovery).
In the event of business accounts we collect the same information with additional fields such as company name and contact number. The second instance is when the user performs a purchase of our software, in which we collect the billing address; this is collected for receipt and quality of life purposes.
European Arc Guide does NOT perform any further processing on the users' information.

4.1. Cookies

Cookies are files with small amounts of data, this may include an anonymous unique identifier. Cookies are sent to your browser from a website and stored on your computer's hard drive.
Similar to other sites, we use cookies to collect information as well as to improve the service provided. If you decide to disable cookies for the site some services may be severely impacted and European Arc Guide does not bare any responsibility as a result of this.

5. Who do we share Personal Information with?

European Arc Guide does not expressly share your information with any other entity, European Arc Guide subsidiaries have access to the data, for example but not limited to, in the case of storage of the data.

6. How do we protect personal information?

We protect your information by only sourcing necessary information over a secure socketed layer, furthermore we only retain the data for the period we will need it (see section 10), after this the data is discarded. The user will also retain the right to request for their data to be discarded.

7. Your rights

The User will always retain the right to request their data to be removed. However, performing this action will have severe implications to their account. This is due to the inability to recover the data after it has been removed. Furthermore; if their account still had active time to access products, this would be lost without refund.

8. Third-party software/platforms

The site does not expressly link to other sites, there are some occasions with the European Arc Guidebook where a site URL may be offered, but the user is never required to follow this.
The majority of our static content is hosted in an external database linked to our main site; however this database is not expressly owned by European Arc Guide and therefore the default access is a third-party software.

9. Will Personal Information be transferred abroad?

All personal information is hosted with our service provider; the database of which is situated outside of the UK, in the event that this database should move location, all account holders will be contacted ahead of time.

10. How long will information be retained?

For as long as a consumer has an account with European Arc Guide or any subsidiary, European Arc Guide will maintain their personal information. If a user decides to deactivate and delete their account then European Arc Guide will continue holding the personal information for a further 2 months; this allows the user to potentially restore their account if this request was made in error, after that the data will be permanently removed from all systems.

11. Customer Support

In the event of any questions or queries, users are always free to contact customer support at [email protected] (temporarily). In the event of doing so all materials sent to customer support are recorded for both legal and training purposes, the user agrees that any content sent to customer support is the property of European Arc Guide and may be used freely.