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All calculators are broken down into an "Initial Cost" which is the cost shown on the "Store", in purchasing this you will get 12 months access to the calculator; thereon there is a yearly renewal cost, in purchasing the "Renewal" you will gain a further 12 months access.

The yearly renewal cost is significantly less than the initial cost and a full list of these can be found in the section below. All the prices listed below are subject to change.

The Electronic copy of the European Arc Flash Guide becomes available to users when they have an active (within the expiry date) existing product.

All product codes are appended on the store checkout and receipt with the following codes: "-I" for initial purchases, and "-R" for renewal purchases. This is so the user can distinct these products on purchase.

Bundles are only available on the store when the aggregate cost of all affected products exceeds the cost of the bundle; for example, BUND1 costs £299.99 to purchase all calculators available, if the calculators available came to less than £299.99 then the bundle would not be displayed in store.

Product Code Product Name Initial Cost Renewal Cost
IE Incident Energy Calculator £169.99 £56.99
PFC Prospective Short Circuit Current Calculator £79.99 £27.99
CB Circuit Breaker Calculator £54.99 £18.99
IDMT IDMT Calculator £18.99 £6.99
DGUV DGUV Box Test Calculator £24.99 £8.99
DC DC Arc Flash Calculator £24.99 £8.99
L1DC Incident Energy Devices <125 Amps £24.99 £8.99
TCC Time Current Curve Tool £16.99 £5.99
BPC Blast Pressure Calculator Free Free
IEFC Incident Energy Fuse Chart Calculator Free Free
RAFT Risk Assessment Form Tool Free Free
BUND1 Complete Bundle £299.99 N/A