Dedication and Acknowledgements

This book would never have been published was it not for my beautiful wife Mary. For all her support throughout my career and also for her stoicism that she displayed both in sickness as she did in health. Whilst her illness meant that I would no longer be travelling the world, peering into various switch boards and small wiring panels or training engineers on electrical safety, my life was greatly enriched in many ways. Instead of her being my carer and that of our wonderful children, I became hers. I could not have been prouder than on the day that she was honoured by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield and given an award for “outstanding contribution to the community”. I know that she would approve of the time that I have spent in researching and writing this book. Mary, I love you so much for the love, support, compassion, and care that you’ve shown to me, your family, friends, and also those countless people in need.

My grateful thanks go out to the following people for their help in by their reviews, proof reading and helpful comments.

  • Claire Brady
  • Michael Whitham
  • Jackie Wooldridge
  • Chris Ross
  • Tony Pierce
  • Jim Phillips
  • Sean Johnson
  • Dominic Parr

With deep gratitude - Mike Frain